Moving Behaviours Events

To mark the end of the Travel Behaviours Network we will be showcasing our research projects over two events Moving Behaviours: Designing City Connections on 15 June at the Future Cities Catapult London and Moving Behaviours: Connecting Travel on 23 June at the Transport Systems Catapult Milton Keynes.

The transport sector contributes significantly to the production of CO2. In 2013 transport accounted for about 25% of the UK’s domestic emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). Vehicle technologies and fuel choices can play a significant role in reducing emissions by decarbonising transport, but travel choices themselves are inherently complex.

While there is frequently a willingness to change travel behaviour, for example by reducing the amount people travel by car, evidence also demonstrates that there is often a resistance to changing behaviours which are considered to cause a significant lifestyle change. A government public policy landscape report indicated:

“the solution to the transport challenge does not lie only in technological innovation. It is rooted in a better understanding of human behaviour”

A three year program of research comprising 5 projects, funded to the tune of £6 million, to focus upon the determinants and incentives for changing travel behaviour, habits and practice is nearing its completion.

We would like to share with industry and government some of the complexity that surrounds behaviour, solutions that have been found to work, and how to use data to reveal new patterns.

Come and find out about

– A 3-year empirical study of people’s everyday lives that reveals the complexity and barriers to change by looking at disruptions that force people to change

– How commuters and communities engage with electrically assisted cycling and observe car miles drop by 20%

– How to use new datasets to reveal new usage patterns

– How to change peoples’ behaviour to reduce travel emissions

– How to recalibrate the flow of people and transport through a series of innovative digital apps in tourism, transport and logistics

Coming to the events

Learn more and book tickets for Moving Behaviours: Designing City Connections on the 15th June at the Future Cities Catapult London

Learn more and book tickets for Moving Behaviours: Connecting Travel on 23 June at the Transport Systems Catapult Milton Keynes.